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    Available courses

    E-learning modules

    This folder contains E-learning courses on HVDC supergrids.

    Food for Thought

    Here is where you can re-watch previous Food for Thought sessions or catch up on the ones you missed.

    High Voltage substation equipment

    This course is a collection of assets relating to High Voltage substation equipment

    For internal use only

    HVDC Training

    This course is an introduction to High Voltage Direct Current links.

    For internal use only

    Ma thèse en 180 secondes

    Watch the videos of our talented PhD students as they explain their work in just 3 minutes during the annual 'Ma Thèse in 180 Sécondes' event.


    Find all of the latest information on Health & Safety and Quality at SuperGrid Institute.

    For internal use only
    Teacher: Kirsty BELL



    1/ Des fiches pour adopter les bonnes pratiques

    •Les mots de passe
    •La sécurité sur les réseaux sociaux
    •La sécurité des appareils mobiles
    •Les sauvegardes
    •Les  mises à jour
    •La sécurité des usages pro-perso

    2/ Des fiches pour comprendre les risques

    •Les rançongiciels
    •L'arnaque au faux support technique

    3/ Et en complément...

    •La présentation des vidéos disponibles sur le site Internet
    •Un quiz pour tester vos connaissances
    •Une BD
    •Neuf mémos
    •Une affiche au format A2

    Software Tutorials

    Tutorials on software you might use at SuperGrid Institute.

    Webinar Feedback

    Help us to improve our training content by giving us feedback on your experience.